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Make your own 2D platformer!

Advanced Platformer 2D is a complete toolkit package dedicated to 2D platformer video games using Unity game engine.




  • optimized for 2D : it only uses Unity 2D native objects included from version 4.3 (physic, sprites, animations....).

  • real kinematic character : movement is entirely controlled and mastered (not using physic dynamic motion).

  • 2D character raycast "move and collide" toolkit => used to move a character in kinematic motion and collide properly with environment

  • a complete character controller for common behaviors : walk, jump, slide, crouch, wall jump, glide... (full feature list available in documentation)

  • many generic game objects & toolkits : camera, ladders, railings, moving platforms, parallax scrolling, finite state machine...

  • powerful and generic melee/ranged attack mechanism

  • full user interface setup : configure everything immediately

  • lots of prefabs objects to help you create your game quickly, including sprites & animations sets

  • samples scripts and object to initiate begginers and advanced users on how to create custom behaviors and game objects

  • a great game sample level (thanks to Krisss) to show you how to make your own game and lots of possibilities 

  • Touchpad plugins support such as EasyTouch or PlayMaker : use it on any mobile or tablet !

  • Youtube demo and tutorials

  • full C# accessible source code, optimized and documented

  • quick support and custom development


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